Professor of Geography and Information Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder, fellow of the Institute of Behavioral Science, and senior data scientist/manager at Apple Maps. Winner of the Breheny Prize  for work in Urban Analytics and City Science, distinguished scholar award from American Association of Geographers, and an award from the American Statistical Association for innovative business partnerships. Author of Urban Analytics, the leading textbook on smart cities and use of data in governance and management of cities.

I have deep experience at the intersection of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Maps. In the academic and the private sector I lead large scale, international, data and research-intensive projects from concept to completion. I’ve been profiled in the Journal Science , won a competition, and published lots of peer reviewed articles. My professional experience has ranged from the hyper digital world of Data Science and Software Engineering in Silicon Valley to the insanely analog practice of being the sole proprietor of an antiquarian bookshop in Manhattan.