I’m an Associate Professor of Geography and Information Science at the University of Colorado and a Data Scientist at Apple.  My expertise is at the intersection of maps, statistics, machine learning, and the social sciences. Our recently published book on Urban Analytics tries to bring together these diverse fields.  

I have received the Breheny Prize for the best paper in Urban Analytics and City Science, I won a kaggle.com data science competition, and was awarded a distinguished scholar award in Urban Planning from the American Association of Geographers.   The journal  Science profiled me as an archetype of a new generation of data-centric geographers.  My publications have appeared in a diverse set of journals including PNAS, PlosOne, Demography, Annals of the Association of American Geographers, and the International Journal of GIS.  Outside of academia my professional experience has ranged from the hyper digital world of Data Science and Software Engineering for a large tech company in Silicon Valley to the insanely analog practice of being the sole proprietor of an antiquarian bookshop in Manhattan.