Monthly archives: December, 2014

Service Award From CU

I was one three Professors on campus to receive the “Faculty Recognition Award” from the Boulder Faculty Assembly.

Talk on Urban Big Data at Oak Ridge National Lab

Just back from a very visit to Oak Ridge where I presented “BIG DATA IS SMALL DATA: CITIES, INDIVIDUALS, AND COMPUTATIONAL INSIGHTS INTO THE URBAN LANDSCAPE”  (link to slides below abstract):

Abstract:  Recent revolutions in national and international data economies have the potential to fundamentally change the study of cities.  Now, for the first time, cities can be viewed as collections of individuals, where data about each person, vehicle, event, and/or building in a city can be measured in near real time.  In this presentation I discuss the potential (and perils) of these new forms of data.  I specifically focus on the use of individual-level spatial data in computational frameworks to study the effects of urban environments on travel behavior and health.  I discuss how massive collections of individual-level data can be used to rethink the production of statistical summaries of cities.  I conclude by discussing the interface between new forms of data and the “old” modes of data production (such as surveys), specifically illustrating the complementary nature of “big data” and “old data.”