Final Project25%

Participation is earned through participation in class, lab, or online discussions.

Labs will be graded for completeness and accuracy.  There are 8 lab assignments.  Each lab  counts for ~5% of your total course grade.  The labs are cumulative, each lab requires skills from the prior lab, missing a lab can have major consequences for your ability to succeed in the class.  Late labs will have 10% point reduction per week.

Exams exam consists of completing a statistical analysis using the R programming language.  The midterm from 2012 (the last time I taught this class) will be posted on prior to the exam.

Final Project is a major component of your overall grade.  The final project is a group project that  consists of 10 phases.  A full description of the phases and deadlines is posted on the class website under “Final Project”.


Attendance in all classes and labs is mandatory.  However, we will not take attendance.  If you miss a class it is your responsibility to get the lecture/lab notes from a classmate.

Expectations and Etiquette:

Respect everyone.  In my view, talking or messing with your phone class in class shows a lack of respect for me but more importantly the people sitting near you who are paying tuition to learn (about things other than your personal life).

Molly and I will do our best to make sure that the class operates smoothly but computers sometimes misbehave, please be patient.

Respect works both ways; I understand that this is a difficult class and that sometimes life is even less cooperative than computers.  If you have a personal emergency, I will do my best to help you through the class, however under no circumstances can you excel in this class without doing ALL of the work it requires.