Field Assignment 4

Bradburn: New Urbanism in Theory and Practice




The Bradburn development was designed around the principles of New Urbanism. TND or Traditional Neighborhood Development is a synonym for New Urbanism. Your job is to examine how the ideals espoused in the Charter of the New Urbanism are embodied in the physical form of the development of the sub division. For this assignment you will produce a set of slides.

  1. When you read the charter does it seem to focus on the new or existing settlements? Both? Discuss as a group. Just talk see if you cna achieve consensus, nothing to write.
  2. The Charter is organized around three scales.
    1. For each scale find an example of how the one aspect of the charter is manifest and/or missing in Bradburn. This may be based on a photograph of the site, a map, or other online material. Do you feel the development is respectful to the charter?
    2. For each scale include a single slide with visual evidence, and text describing the element of the charter your analyzing. For example, the charter says, “Many activities of daily living should occur within walking distance, allowing independence to those who do not drive, especially the elderly and the young. Interconnected networks of streets should be designed to encourage walking, reduce the number and length of automobile trips, and conserve energy.” but as the image on the left shows we felt that…
  3. To what extent can the goals of the Charter goals be accomplished by government (through zoning or other mechanisms)? To what extent do these ideas depend upon the private market?
    1. For each scale choose the concept that seems most important/impactful to your group and describe how you think its best achieved, the private market, through regulation, direct action (construction) by public agencies, some other means? This should occupy 1-3 slides.
  4. Identify three specific concepts from the charter and photograph how they are manifest in the Bradburn development.
    1. For each create a single slide with the concept, your photo and any commentary necessary to link the photo to the concept.
  5. Comparison: Does Bradburn seem different from other nearby subdivisions? Select a nearby residential area for comparison and visit the development.
    1. Identify three aspects of the development that are similar or different from neighboring developments.
    2. Each of you three similarities or differences should have its own slides (2 slides is ok if necessary).
    3. Slides should show two images side-by-side, one showing Bradburn and another from your comparison area. Photographically illustrate the similarities and/or differences between Bradburn and your comparison area. THis will take 3-6 slides.
    4. Things to look for when you visit the comparison area:
      • Do the lot sizes seem different
      • Do the areas have different connections with nearby retail establishments?
      • Do they have diversity of housing styles?
  6. Commentary: In 2-5 slides answer the following:
    1. Does it seem like the development accomplishes the goals of the charter? Why, Why not?
    2. Does this form of development seem like it will solve/address the problems of urbanization described in the charter? Why, Why not?


A slide show uploaded to the assignment 4 folder on google drive.