Week 1: Introduction, Logistics, Definitions

Dates18 January
TopicsReview Syllabus; Reading the Landscape; Working in Teams
Lecture NotesLecture 0: Introduction to the class
Lecture NotesLecture 1: Reading the Landscape and Working in Teams
ReadLewis (1979) Axioms for Reading the Landscape (link to article)
Assignment Field Assignment 1 Part 1(Slides due in Class February 1)
AssignmentTeam Contracts

Week 2: Get Out!

Dates25 January
Topics Group based field work in Boulder

Week 3: Defining Cities

Dates1 February
TopicsWhat is a City? (Definitions)
Lecture NotesLecture 2: Its Hard to Define the City
Supplementary MaterialArticles and Audio from Lecture 2
AssignmentIn Class, Field Reports on Assignment 1 Part 1
AssignmentAssignment 1 Part 2 assigned (due 2/15)
ReadRead Glaeser chapter 1

Week 4: Location, Technology, Systems of Cities

Dates8 February
TopicsOrigins of cities
TopicsCentral Place Theory, Urban Epochs
Lecture NotesLecture 3: Urban Origins
Lecture NotesLecture 4: American Urban Epochs
ReadGlaeser chapter 2
Read Borchert (1967) American Urban Epochs

Week 5: Internal Structure of Cities

Dates15 February
Lecture NotesLecture 5: Internal Structure of Cities
Class ExerciseBuffalo City Council
AssignmentAssignment 2 assigned (due 3/1)
TopicsModels of Urban Structure, Edge Cities, Internal Structure of Cities, An Inversion?
TopicsDo cities have a center anymore?

Week 6: Urban Form

Dates22 February
Lecture NotesLecture 6: Urban Form
TopicsUrban Form
TopicsSprawl, Causes, Consequences.
TopicsExternalities of Urban Development, Freedom, and Governance
TopicsMovie: Taken for a Ride
ReadGlaeser Chapter 7

Week 7: Urban Form and Exam Review

Dates1 March
TopicTransportation and Land Use
TopicExam Review
TopicMetropolitan Fragmentation: Where is the Mall of America?
Study GuideStudy Guide

Week 8: Midterm

Date8 March
Study GuideStudy Guide

Week 9: City of the Dreadful Night and The Emergence of the “Two-Part” City

Date15 March
Lecture NotesLecture 7: Dreadful Night
TopicsIndustrial Cities
TopicsTenements in America
TopicsBuilding Codes vs. Public/Social Housing
TopicsTwo Part City, Streetcar Suburbs
ReadGlaeser Chapter 3 and 4

Week 10: NO CLASS

Date22 March

Week 11: Spring Break

Week 12: American Apartheid

Date5 April
TopicsRevolution '67. - Riots in Newark, NJ.
TopicsThe "Solution" is the Problem (Again)
TopicsRacial and Economic Segregation in America
TopicsAmerican Cities and the Law of Unintended Consequences
Lecture NotesLecture 8: Segregation and Cities
AssignmentAssignment 3 Due (Monday)
ReadingsGlaeser Chapter 5

Week 13: Does Urban Design/Urban Form Shape Behavior?

Date12 April
Lecture NotesLecture 9: Zoning, Urban Form, Behavior
Topics New Urbanism
Topics Urban Form and Behavior
Topics Utopian Design Movements
Topics Should we try to manipulate people's behavior through urban design?
ReadingsGlaeser Chapter 8

Week 14: Zoning and Eminent Domain

Date19 April
Lecture NotesLecture 10: Takings and the public good?
TopicsEminent Domain
TopicsBarclays Center (A Film)
Topics Why (and how much) can the government control development?
Topics Final Exam Review
AssignmentAssignment 4 Due

Week 15: Final Exam

Date26 April