Spring 2015 Lectures

Links to lecture slides on iCloud.com, you can download/print from the website.

Lecture 1 Lecture 2 Lecture 2: R code on root n rule (advanced folks only) Lecture 3 (Part I) Lecture 3: Sampling error code Lecture 3 (Part II) Lecture 3 (Part II): Nile river data used in example Lecture 3: Code for simulating type I and type II errors in R Lecture 4: Correlation and Regression. Lecture 4: Code examples from lecture and supplementary material Lecture 5: Multiple Regression Lecture 5: Code (includes some supplementary material) Lecture 6: Logistic Regression Lecture 6: R Code Lecture 6: babybirth.csv Lecture 7: Spatial-Statistical Thinking Lecture 7: SIDs Shapefile: Used in lectures 7 and 8 Lecture 7: soco.rdata: Data files used in lecture 7 and 8 code. Lecture 7: R code for reprojecting shapefiles Lecture 8: Spatial Regression Lecture 9: Point Pattern Analysis Lecture 10: Cluster Analysis and PCA Lecture 10: Cluster Analysis and PCA data to recreate examples in slides