Alex Singleton and I have developed a “new” demographic atlas of the US.  Its being distributed by CartoDB. A New American Atlas of the US – Are we where we live?  

Flowing Data Visualization Blog Covers Our Census Work

FlowingData story about my project w/ Alex Singleton on mapping communities with the American Community Survey.     A map about the people who live there

New Paper in PNAS

The USGS just issued this press release about our recent article in PNAS: PORTLAND, Ore. — Tens of thousands of people along the U.S. Pacific Northwest coastline may not have enough time to evacuate low-lying areas before tsunami waves arrive, according to a new publication by researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey, University of Colorado Boulder,…

Big ideas about the study of cities and the environment?

Computers, Environment and Urban Systems (CEUS) is an interdisciplinary journal that privileges the computational and geospatial perspectives on urban systems and the built and natural environments. CEUS is now accepting Review articles. Review articles are essays that consolidate progress and advance frontiers in the journal’s cognate fields. Review article can suggest new directions of research, consolidate advances across…

CEUS Special Issue on Census Analytics

Spatial analysis with census data: emerging issues and innovative approaches In many countries data systems that have been in place for the better part of a century have started to change. Census data are still the major source for geographically detailed estimates of populations and economies. However, the national/state agencies that produce this data are…

Service Award From CU

I was one three Professors on campus to receive the “Faculty Recognition Award” from the Boulder Faculty Assembly.

Talk on Urban Big Data at Oak Ridge National Lab

Just back from a very visit to Oak Ridge where I presented “BIG DATA IS SMALL DATA: CITIES, INDIVIDUALS, AND COMPUTATIONAL INSIGHTS INTO THE URBAN LANDSCAPE”  (link to slides below abstract): Abstract:  Recent revolutions in national and international data economies have the potential to fundamentally change the study of cities.  Now, for the first time,…

Atlantic Profiles NSF Data Visualization Project

Our data visualization work was profiled by the Atlantic Monthly’s CityLab.

A new approach to error in public surveys

Alex Singleton and I just had a paper accepted into the Annals of the Association of American Geographers.  The paper develops a novel strategy for dealing with the high margins of error in the census tract level estimates from the American Community Survey (ACS).  For example, the ACS tells you really useful things like, “the number…

Michael Breheny Prize

I was awarded the Michael Breheny Prize from Environment and Planning B, one the leading urban analytics journals.  The winning paper uses a simulation model and really cool experimental design to study the association between urban environments and behavior.